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20 Great Pieces of Advice

Accounting Today recently asked over a hundred leaders in the tax and accounting profession to share the best piece of advice they’d ever received in their lives — here’s a sampling of some of the favorites:


“If it aint broke, break it and make it better.”
“Plan in decades.  Think in years.  Work in months.  Live in days.”
“Read at least 50 books a year.”
“Never stop learning.”
“Seek excellence, not perfection.”
“Embrace failure in service to learning…and fail fast.”
“If you aren’t failing sometimes, you aren’t pushing hard enough.”
“Start with the small things and get them right, because that’s how you gain trust.” 
“Re-pot yourself periodically.  Don’t spend your career doing one single thing.”
“Don’t ever lower your standards.”
“Be acutely aware of what you do not know.”
“Embrace disruption and change when others fear it.”
“Think before you speak.”
“Hire smarter people than you.”
“Pace yourself.”
“You can’t win alone.”
“You will amazed at how successful you can become if you don’t care who gets the credit.”
“If you are on time, you are five minutes late.”
“You should be focused on doing only those jobs that nobody else can do, which means you are at your highest and best use always.”
“Everyone wants to know the secret to success, but it’s not a secret.  It’s hard work.”